Why should I make a reservation on the official website of Berlin Hotels?

1. Personalized service and direct contact with our Marketing and Sales Department staff
When booking directly you allow us to become acquainted with you before you have even arrived at our hotels. This enables us to personalize your stay from the very beginning in order to meet your specific needs and preferences. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a particular kind of room or if you have some special requirements for celebrations, our team will take care of everything. Please pay attention to the method of payment when you fill in the booking details.

2. Direct access to the whole information about Berlin Hotels
On our website you can access all up-to-date and detailed information about the hotel, the rooms, the services and the amenities. Moreover, you can look through a gallery of pictures, which presents what we offer, so that you will be able to take the most informed decision about your reservation.

3. Exclusive access to the extra services of Berlin Hotels
As direct guests you will have the opportunity to take advantage of additional services, which may not be available to guests who have made a booking through the other channels of reservation. From early check-in to late check-out, we are here to help you and to make your experience one-of-a-kind.

4. Trouble-free changes and cancellations of reservations at Berlin Hotels
Direct booking on our website facilitates the process of any changes or cancellations of your reservation. Our policy for cancellations is flexible and it has been made for your convenience as it ensures your peace of mind when planning your trip and holiday at our hotels. When booking on the site, please pay special attention to the conditions of cancellation which can be seen at the final stage of completing your reservation.

Make a direct booking now and find out the exclusive advantages that Berlin Hotels offer you! With us your journey begins at the moment of booking – a moment full of expectations for the unforgettable experiences ahead of you.

Изберете хотел

Хотели Берлин Голдън Бийч и Берлин Грийн Парк са част от оживения черноморски курорт „Златни пясъци“, но се намират в най-тихата му точка, осигурявайки на гостите си добре заслужена и четиризвездна морска почивка в спокойна и релаксираща атмосфера. В близост както до прохладната гора, така и до горещия златен пясък, хотели Берлин предлагат максимален комфорт и удобство на семейства с деца, търсещи да съчетаят природна обстановка, морски вълни и качествено обслужване.


Хотел Берлин Голдън бийч се намира до яхтеното пристанище в кк „Златни пясъци“ – най-тихата част на черноморския комплекс, правейки го идеална дестинация за отдих и отмора, далеч от шумотевицата на големия град...


Хотел Берлин Грийн Парк е с категория 4*. Разположен е в северната част на Златни пясъци, на тихо и спокойно възвишение, от което се открива прекрасна панорама. Хотелът е заобиколен от тиха гора...