Beach – Berlin Golden Beach and Berlin Green Park Hotels

In the Berlin Golden Beach and Berlin Green Park complexes your convenience and comfort are an essential part of our mission. We offer you the exclusive luxury of free access to the beach and free use of two beach chairs and one umbrella per room, ensuring that your sunbathing experience at the beach or by the pool will be worth remembering. We strive to provide you with everything you need for a perfect holiday on the beach or by the crystal-clear waters of our pools.

Our ambition is to turn every moment of your stay into a feast of tranquillity and delight. To guarantee equality and comfort for all our guests, advance booking of beach chairs and umbrellas is not allowed, thus ensuring fair and equitable access to these amenities for everyone. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in maintaining this equality. Additionally, we extend a special invitation to you to enjoy the abundance of refreshing drinks for free at our beach bar, where the atmosphere of peace and sea breeze enhances your unique experience.

We look forward to welcoming you to Berlin Golden Beach and Berlin Green Park, where the magic of the golden beaches and the fascinating sea promise to turn your holiday into an exciting adventure. Treat yourself to your dream holiday, where the luxury and beauty of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast merge to give you memories that you will keep in your heart forever.

Berlin Golden Beach Outdoor Pool

Discover the magic of endless summer at our magnificent Berlin Golden Beach Hotel, where two sparkling and crystal-clear pools will embrace you in their refreshing waters. We present you not just pools, but realms of aquatic joy, one of which is specially equipped with a magical section for our youngest guests. In the water empire, caressed by the sun, you will find your perfect place of peace, surrounded by free loungers and umbrellas, offering a unique vantage point for the crystal-clear waters and the amazing views of the beach.

Indulge in the wave of relaxation, to the sounds of soothing music and engulfed by the aroma of tempting ice creams that are waiting to caress your senses literally a step away from the pool. And for those of you who wish to add an exotic touch to your day, our pool bar is the place where the magic happens. Our virtuoso bartenders will mix drinks for you that not only quench your thirst but awaken your soul for new adventures. And to make your experience unforgettable, our colourful animation programme will brighten up all days and nights, offering unique moments for guests of all ages. Join us in this paradise where every day is a celebration of aquatic joys and sunny smiles. We are looking forward to greeting you and making your holiday memorable, filled with joy, relaxation and tremendous fun. Welcome to the world of Berlin Golden Beach – the magic of summer never ends here.

Berlin Green Park Outdoor Pool

Surrender to sheer bliss while lying by our pool, an oasis of serenity, enveloped in fascinating greenery, with crystal clear and refreshing air. Let the gentle chords of soft modern music take you into a world of absolute peace and relaxation, where time stands still and pleasure never ends. Our pool bar is a true paradise for the senses, where tempting drinks will startle your taste buds with the magic of freshness. Sip at the elixir of summer and relish moments filled with joy and delight.

And to make your experience even more memorable, we offer you an exciting range of live entertainment delights intended to cheer up and touch everyone, from the youngest adventurers to the eternally young souls. Join us in this festive atmosphere where every minute is full of opportunities for fun and laughter. Welcome to our magical corner, where every day is a promise of unforgettable moments of joy, peace and sheer delight. Here you do not just spend time – you create memories that you will cherish forever.

Animation /Live Entertainment

Discover the magic of our animation programme, where each experience is a unique adventure designed to enchant and kindle the interest of each of our guests. In our realm of entertainment, we have paid attention to every detail to ensure that adults and children alike will turn every moment into a sweet memory.

For sports fans we have prepared exciting sports animation programmes that take place six times a week, promising energetic challenges and fun in the spirit of friendly competition. Discover your favourite sports activity and join the game where skills and fun merge into a memorable experience. Our evenings are colourful and full of magic – from glittering theme parties to live music, we ensure the excitement continues long after sunset.

Every night is a new opportunity for adventure when the music and shows never end. For our little guests we have prepared a treasure trove of entertainment – from mini discos, where dances and games know no bounds, to daily animation programmes full of creative games, arts and crafts. Every day is a new adventure overpowered by imagination.

Finally, our outdoor pool with a children's section is the perfect place for families to enjoy carefree moments in the sun. Here, in this serenely beautiful mix, you can create memories that you will treasure in your hearts forever. We do not just offer a holiday – we create stories filled with joy, laughter and magic. Welcome to the world where every minute is an adventure and every experience will be deeply imprinted on your mind.