1. РYou can make a reservation at Berlin Hotels – Berlin Golden Beach and Berlin Green Park in one of the following ways:
    2. Once we have received and processed your request, we will contact you to confirm availability.
    3. You will receive a confirmation of the reservation made at the e-mail address specified by you. It describes: the type and number of rooms booked, the date of check-in and check-out of the hotel, the number and age of the guests specified in the booking request, as well as the amount due. Please read this information carefully and contact us in case a correction is needed.
    4. At the hotelier’s discretion, an amount of 50% of the value of each of the booked posts may be specified as a required guarantee deposit, which should be paid in advance. Payment by you should be made within no more than 5 (five) days after receipt of confirmation (unless another period is agreed upon). The rest of the amount of your entire reservation is payable on site at the hotel.
    5. When the hotel receives the advance payment, your reservation is valid and considered to be finally confirmed.
    6. If payment is not made within the described period, the hotel reserves the right to cancel your reservation even if no contact can be made with you.
    7. When a guest makes a reservation at Hotels Berlin – Berlin Golden Beach and Berlin Green Park, he is deemed to have read these terms and conditions and agrees with them.
    1. Check-in at Hotels Berlin – Berlin Golden Beach and Berlin Green Park takes place after providing personal documents certifying the identity of the guests. Hotels Berlin – Berlin Golden Beach and Berlin Green Park administer and process personal data in accordance with current regulations, and any information received from or about the guests will be used solely in connection with the reservations made and the services used and will not be provided for other purposes, except in the cases expressly provided by law.
    2. The right to stay in a hotel room cannot be transferred from one person to another. The person who originally booked the room is the only one entitled to stay there. This right may not be transferred to anyone else without prior permission from the hotel.
    3. Guests are not allowed to exceed the maximum capacity of the room allocated to them. We reserve the right to perform capacity checks.
    4. Guests who have not reached the age of majority do not have the right to independent accommodation.
    5. The confirmed check-in time at Berlin hotels is after 15:00 on the booked arrival date, unless otherwise agreed in writing in the booking confirmation, guests can only check-in after 15:00. Guests do not have right to access their assigned room before the specified time.
    6. On the departure date, guests vacate the rooms no later than 11:00, unless otherwise agreed in writing. If guests wish to use a “late checkout” after 11:00, they need to ask for information at the reception desk (at least one day in advance) whether such service opportunity is available. The service is paid additionally, according to the prices at the reception.
    7. The All Inclusive Gold package starts with a snack on the day of check-in and ends with breakfast in the Main Restaurant of the selected hotel.
    8. The cleaning staff of the hotel works from 08:30 to 16:00. All activities for cleaning and changing linen and towels are carried out in the absence of guests and in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures and instructions. In case you do not want daily cleaning of the room, you can request services and delivery of additional toiletries, towels and bed linen. Towels are changed daily and bed linen – every three days. The request is made at the reception between 08:00 and 10:00 and will be fulfilled the next day. The option “On request” includes: Delivery of soap, shampoo, delivery of toilet paper, change of towels, change of bed linen, disposal of garbage, cleaning of room/bathroom/terrace.
    9. Parking: Parking is not included in the price of accommodation and must be paid on site at the hotel. We inform you that the parking spaces belonging to Berlin Hotels – Berlin Golden Beach and Berlin Green Park are subject to availability and cannot be reserved. Hotels Berlin – Berlin Golden Beach and Berlin Green Park are not responsible for damage to your car in the parking area. The parking lots are unguarded. They can be close to the hotels, as well as remote.
    10. Pets: Berlin Hotels – Berlin Golden Beach and Berlin Green Park do not accept pets.
    The hotel may refuse accommodation for the following reasons:
    1. The accommodation request does not comply with the General Terms and Conditions.
    2. The hotel is fully booked and there are no rooms available.
    3. It is considered that the guest seeking accommodation may commit acts that do not comply with laws or regulations, or violate public order or morals.
    4. The guest has committed an act that represents a significant inconvenience to other guests staying at the hotel and does not comply with the established internal rules for the hotel and the restaurant.
    5. The guest has requested something from the hotel or its employees that is considered unreasonable or unfair. This may include a request for something that is not provided, or a request for special service that goes beyond the standard services offered by the hotel.
    6. The hotel is unable to provide accommodation due to natural disasters, equipment malfunctions and/or other circumstances that prevent normal operation.
    7. The guest seeking accommodation is significantly drunk or talking and behaving in an extremely unusual manner and is considered likely to cause inconvenience to other guests in the hotel.
    8. The guest seeking accommodation is clearly considered to be infected with a contagious disease or a similar condition.
    9. Guests under the age of 18 who do not travel with parents and companions. In the event such a guest cannot present a valid ID during check-in, the hotel reserves the right to cancel the reservation.
    1. All prices published on the website of Hotels Berlin – Berlin Golden Beach and Berlin Green Park are written in the currency of the country (or in the selected currency) and are valid for one night per room, including VAT, tourist tax and insurance.
    2. The prices refer to the specified period. In the presence of special and/or promotional offers, the prices are determined for the relevant period, as indicated on the site.
    3. Prices relating to service bookings are provided prior to and during the booking process. All bookings, regardless of their origin, must be paid for in the currency specified in the booking confirmation. There is an optional opportunity to pay in euros by bank transfer.
    4. Hotels Berlin – Berlin Golden Beach and Berlin Green Park reserve the right to change prices and special offers depending on hotel occupancy. Special offers are only valid for bookings made at the time of the advertised offer, subject to the conditions specified therein, and cannot be used for price reductions, refunds or complaints.
    1. Cancellation of a reservation can only be done in writing to and requires confirmation from the marketing department. The guest is not entitled to derive any legal rights from a verbal refusal. The final date of cancellation shall be the date of receiving the written confirmation of cancellation.
    2. Upon completion of the booking process, the cancellation deadline and cancellation penalty amount will be clearly indicated. The cancellation deadline is linked to the start date of the booking and the amount of the cancellation penalty depends on the total amount of the booking. Please note these cancellation conditions when creating your reservation to avoid possible cancellation, no-show or early termination penalties.
    3. If the hotel and the guest have agreed in writing on a specific date for cancellation of the reservation without charge, the guest may cancel the reservation before that date without the need to pay any fees or compensation to the hotel. However, if the guest does not cancel the reservation in writing by the agreed date, the right to cancel will be forfeited and a penalty will be charged.
    4. If you cancel your booking before the cancellation deadline specified during the booking process, no cancellation penalty will be applied and you will receive a full refund of all money paid. Refunds are only made via bank transfer after the guest has provided information about their bank account number, bank address and home address.
    5. In the event of premature departure by all or part of the guests included in the specific reservation, regardless of the reason, Hotels Berlin is entitled to receive compensation equal to the total value of the reservation for the unused nights.
    6. A change in the number of guests done by the guest in the direction of increasing the beds/rooms on the reservation is allowed only after confirmation by the marketing department that the service can be performed for the additional guests and after agreeing on the conditions and the amount of the additional payment. A reduction in the number of guests is permitted without incurring fees and penalties if the change in number is during the free cancellation period. After this period, if the number of guests on the reservation is reduced, the cancellation conditions apply and it is only allowed after confirmation by the marketing department or agreement on the conditions for the change.
    7. Berlin Hotels have the right unilaterally and without payment of compensation and/or fines to cancel a reservation during the guest’s stay in the following cases:
      • In case of guest behavior which, according to the hotelier or its representatives, employees, causes danger, stress, harm, anger or serious inconvenience to other guests, employees or partners or creates a risk of damage to the property of the hotelier or third parties.
      • In case of violation of Berlin Hotels Policy.
      • In case of unrealized check-in, due to non-appearance on the check-in day

Rules of internal order and behavior in BERLIN hotels - "Berlin Golden Beach" and "Berlin Green Park"

  1. Dear guests, in order for your stay to be as peaceful and pleasant as possible, please comply with the order in our hotels:

    • It is forbidden to store passports at the hotel reception, so please politely wait until you are registered by the administrator on duty. Please leave your valuables and documents in the safe in your room or at the reception. Guests are charged for losing their safe key. The guest is responsible for items left unattended in the room or on hotel grounds.
      – When leaving the room, close the windows and the door to the terrace, make sure that the front door is well closed and, if desired, leave the chip or card for storage at reception. Guests are charged for a lost chip or room card.
    • You can receive your chip or card again after providing your hotel passport.
    • It is forbidden to stay with pets on the territory of the hotels.
    • For security reasons, it is forbidden to use electrical appliances in the room, as well as irons. The hotels provide a laundry and ironing service for a fee.
    • It is prohibited to bring and store easily flammable, explosive and bulky objects (luggage, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.) on the territory of the hotels.
    • The removal of property from the hotels (towels, blankets, sheets, pillows and other property) and their use on the beach or around the pool is prohibited.
    • You can meet friends and guests in the hotel lobby. They are not allowed in the rooms of guests without registration and payment per night.
    • In the interval 14:00 – 16:00, as well as after 22:00, it is absolutely forbidden to make noise, bang on doors and talk loudly in the rooms.
    • Check-in is after 15:00. The room needs to be vacated by 11:00, after returning the room chip to the duty administrator and paying the amounts due, if any! For a guest’s wish for earlier check-in or later vacation of the room, please inquire at the reception about the possibilities and the corresponding price of check-in. If you do not leave the room at the specified times, a fee of 50% of the price of the night is due at reception prices for the relevant period.
    • In case of damages or missing items due to the fault of the guest they shall be paid by the guest at market price!
    • Jumping, swimming with clothes on, playing with large and hard objects in the pool in and outside of working hours is not allowed. Swimming is not allowed in the pool outside of working hours. In the evening prevention and cleaning of the pool is carried out.
    • It is forbidden to reserve sunbeds on the pool or the beach with beach towels for more than 30 minutes.
    • Free use of the outdoor pool, umbrella and sunbed around the hotel pool or on the beach (one umbrella and two sunbeds per room) subject to availability. The seats are limited. Children staying for free do not receive this benefit! A sunbed and umbrella are included in the price for full paying guests! Reservation of sunbeds is prohibited. There may be limited availability during certain times of the day.
    • A Wi-Fi network and a video surveillance system have been built on the territory of the hotels for your security. By using the hotel’s services, you agree to video surveillance.
    • Please, if you notice suspicious people, notify the administrator on duty immediately.
    • The guests of the hotels are materially (financially) responsible for the damaged and lost property of the hotels.
    • In case of non-compliance with the rules, violation of generally accepted norms of behavior, including the use of drugs, you will be required to leave by the hotel management.
    • You can leave reviews and recommendations about the hotel’s work in the opinion book at the reception or on the Internet platforms.
    • Parking on the hotel grounds is possible only upon payment of the specified daily fee. You must place the note issued by reception with your vehicle number in a visible place on the windshield of your vehicle. Otherwise, repatriation of the vehicle is possible. The parking lot is paid, unguarded.
    • Do not give your “All inclusive” wristband to third parties who are not hotel guests. The bracelets have a special clasp, which prevents them from being lost by the guest. Reception staff can replace your old wristband only after checking your name in the hotel system and you’ve returned the torn old one.

    • Guests are obliged to comply with the requirements for visiting the restaurant – the clothing should be sporty elegant, no flip-flops, shorts, swimwear and bad appearance.
    • It is forbidden to move and clutter together tables and chairs.
    • Breakfast, lunch and dinner are offered at a buffet table, and food is consumed only in the hall or on the terrace.
    • It is forbidden to take out food, dishes and utensils in the rooms and to the beach, otherwise you have to pay for the food and cutlery taken out at restaurant prices.
    • It is forbidden to enter the restaurant with rollerblades, scooters and bicycles.
    • Children up to 6 years old are not to be left unattended at the buffet and drink machines.
    • It is forbidden to fill bottles from the drink machines. Drinks are available 24/7 at different bars, according to their working hours.
    • It is forbidden to bring alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and food into the restaurant.
    • Hunger is a daily occurrence for every 4th child and every 2nd adult, and every 5th family lives in deprivation, without access to a full and balanced diet every day. Dear tourists, please take as much food as you will consume so that we do not have to throw it away.